The Cloudware Information Logistics Experts:

Cloudware Logistics, Inc. provides an Information Logistics and Supply Chain innovation that holds a standard in the industry. Using the latest Microsoft .NET technology along with Android and iOS mobile apps, we specialize in assisting our customers in providing their business with effecient and effective missing pieces to their trucking and dispatching puzzle. Utilizing our groundbreaking statusing technology that operates on any mobile smart device, coupled with the most innovative dispatching methods ever designed for your trucking and load-based logistics needs. Deployed in a SAAS model, Cloudware Logistics, Inc. is the partner you have been looking for to automate your Company Owned, Owner Operator, and Broker loads for J.I.T.(Just In Time) delivery.

We provide and host your services where needed;

  • Mobile app information systems
  • PC/Desktop/Web development for a streamlined approach
  • Database and Server environments
  • Thick and Thin deployment

We specialize in workforce analytics to answer your productivity needs;

  • Automation
  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Flexability
  • Portability

We are your information logistics specialist with the solution being in the palm of your hand

We develop and maintain a 3-Tier information system (Client, Middleware, Server Oriented Architecture) to support your company's information needs; We construct your business information system

  • We produce Database integration to current information data systems
  • We retrieve information from your current system
  • We deploy information to the field
  • We retrieve information from the field
  • We process the information
  • We update the information in your current system
  • We provide remote management of your enterprise data and storage
  • We localize and remotely develop software services
  • We follow the full information logistics life cycle

Our Previous and Current Customers